Digging For Gold

Date: 21st Sep 2019 Author: Scout Websites

On 20th September 2019 1st Wraysbury Guides dug for gold – Gardeners Gold that is!    We all headed off to the Paddock behind the Grange in the centre of our beautiful Wraysbury Village; home to 4 donkeys and four miniature Shetland ponies.

We gave the paddock a good tidy up, removing the stones from the field – which can cause harm to the donkeys and ponies.   We also bagged up some of the well rotted manure in exchange for donations from our local gardeners.

Why did we do it?  The main aim is to get the girls out and active in the last of the summer sunshine before we are confined to the Scout hut.  The girls got to work in teams developing a team work ethic.  Some bagged, some cleared the fields, some met our lovely and kind local residents and helped with the loading of bags and taking donations – the girls rotated activities.

Sadly we didn’t raise too much on the night, but we had fun, got some fresh air and got active – and not forgetting the hot chocolate when we arrived back at the hut.

Thank you Emily Larcombe for hosting us and to Star and his pals for being so welcoming (and providing) – carrots on the way